8 Questions That Wedding Planners Ask Their Brides

When the bride and groom are planning their own wedding, it is important to remember that every meeting with the wedding planner counts. Surely you and your planner have other things to attend to so make every minute worth it by arming yourself with the right information in every meeting.

A wedding planner might ask fewer or a lot more questions during your initial meeting but the most common (and imperative) ones are listed below.

When is the wedding? Your planner is definitely organizing other weddings aside from yours. So the first thing she will most likely ask is your wedding date so she can map you on her calendar. If what you have is still tentative, tell her all the alternative dates that you are considering. Just be sure to come up with a final decision soon after.
Where do you plan to hold the wedding? She will also ask you if you have booked the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. If not, do you have a particular venue in mind? Or have you at least narrow down your choices? Your planner will ask you this to raise any concerns regarding logistics and transportation.

Have you drafted your guest list? Meaning, have you got an estimate number of guests you wish to invite? Of course she needs to know if she will have to hire extra hands to help her on the day of the wedding because the larger the crowd, the more assistance she needs to manage the flow of the event efficiently.

Do you have a particular mood or theme? Have you thought about the total ambiance that you want to go for in the wedding? Do you want a whimsical event, a country-rustic style, 60’s mod, or fairy-tale inspired? It is essential for your planner to know this on the early stage of wedding planning so she can guide your decisions to be consistent with the selected theme.  You should also tell her if you want to keep your dress and your bridesmaid dress simple.

How much is the wedding budget? The best person that you may confide your wedding budget (aside from each other) is your planner. Since she has been in the business for quite some time she already know several vendors and familiar with their rates. Your wedding planner will know if your wedding budget is enough to book this and that vendor, and may even give you better options if it’s not. She can also remind you if you are about to go over your wedding fund.

What is your religion and will there be any cultural rite for the ceremony? You should also inform your planner of your religion and important customs that you should be complying on your wedding day. If she is not familiar with it, knowing early will make her research a brief background about it and be prepared in performing the rite properly in order to avoid offending some of your relatives.

Can I have a list of the vendors that you already booked and/or planning to book? If you have touched base with some other wedding vendors, make sure your planner knows about this. Give her a list or directory of these vendors containing the contact information and indicate whether you have booked them already or not.

How do you want to get progress update? Lastly, she may want to know how to generally deal with you as you plan the wedding together. Are you the type who wants to know and be consulted with all the smallest details? Or are you very busy with your career that you just want to be on the deciding end? Make sure you get this information across so you can avoid future conflicts and work this wedding planning smoothly.

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