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Five Steps to Buy the Perfect Dress for Your Wife

First of all, this is quite a tough job if you are a newly married couple and know almost nothing about your wife’s choice. If you guys are married almost for a couple of years, there’s a hope that you know her choice and it will be useful when buying something to surprise her or gift her. Another thing needs to be cleared—do not try to impress her by buying regular dresses or office dresses or something she needs to use everyday if you are trying to surprise her. The women become happy with regular things, but you won’t get that smile you are looking for or the ‘WOW’ expressions that you will get when you buy her a long evening gown. It makes her feel special and loved. Okay, here’s the deal. Do some homework on he choice if you haven’t already and follow our steps to reach your goal.

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What to Wear to a Cocktail Party!

A cocktail party is a socializing event where the invitees bond over cocktails, music and dance. Unlike an evening dinner or a formal get together, here, the mood is light and more casual.


So, Cocktail parties give you the option of wearing something interesting as there are no strict dress codes as in a formal evening do.  However, while deciding your ensemble, do keep in mind the following – the season (summer/winter/monsoon), whether the party is going to be held indoors or outdoors, the occasion, your host and kind of people you are most likely to meet there. You wouldn’t want to end up shivering or sweating the whole time by choosing wrong attire.

Avoid cocktail dress that are full length gowns which make you look like you are about to walk the red carpet. Choose dresses that are knee to calf length. A lovely short dress that is teamed up with high heels and glamorous accessories and jewellery is a suitable choice for cocktail attire etiquette. If you are at a loss of ideas when confronted with the question, how to dress for a cocktail party, look no further than the classic Little Black Dress in a style and fabric that suits you and the occasion. However, if you want to experiment, then choose anything between a wrap/sheath dress and an asymmetric one shoulder dress. Carry a nice wrap or a pashmina in case you are wearing strappy or strapless dresses.

If you are somebody who is only comfortable with Indian wear, then there is no reason to worry. Sarees are the perfect cocktail attire, particularly for the ones thrown during festive occasions or weddings. These days a wide variety of cocktail sarees are available in the market. Chiffons, net, lace all embellished with sequins or Swarovski elements and paired with stylish blouses. A word of caution here, avoid heavily done up sarees for a non-wedding or non-ceremonial party. Pick up something that has subtle embroidery with less bling for the regular parties. You can always dress them up, if you want to.

Colours such as grey, crimson, black, red and dark blue are great for evening, fall and winter events. During the summer and spring, consider florals and seasonal shades like light pink, sky blue, pale green, pale yellow and other pastels.

Wearing the right amount jewellery is very important. Overdoing jewellery or makeup can spoil your entire look. Wear a fabulous pair of drop earrings or chandeliers, a stone studded cuff or a statement ring. Whatever it is, show off one piece at a time. Sporting too many accessories can take away focus from your face and your garment.

For a cocktail party, you need to carry a great bag. A metallic or beaded clutch (with a unique shape or fabric) is the perfect complement to the rest of your outfit. Now you just need a pair of fabulous shoes. For a summer cocktail party, select high heel sandals in bold bright colours or shiny metallic. For cold weather months, you can select patent or suede peep-toe pumps to go with your cocktail dress.

So Dress up! Grab some drinks! Go out and have fun.

Wedding Planning

Countdown to Your Wedding

Your wedding – it’s like putting together a Broadway show, isn’t it? You’ve got the key actors – yourself and your fiancé’ of course. Then the supporting cast of maid or matron of honour, bridesmaids, best man, and groomsmen. Then, the theatre is filled to capacity with your family and friends. There’s the mother of the bride with flowing tears in the front row. The Groom’s grandmother has the perfect seat on the aisle. You’re gracefully walking down the aisle with a serene smile on your face thinking, “Wow, it really did come together! “Yes, it could be this smooth.

The key is to not stress over the small things. Easier said than done? No, you can do it. Let’s break it down. #1 – You are engaged – congratulations! This is what you should focus on for the next 3 months:

Announce your engagement – let the world start celebrating with you. Schedule a time for you and your fiancé’ to sit down with both of your parents. Have a date in mind? If not, pick it now.

Wedding budget.

Are you paying for your own wedding or will you have help? Once you have this information, discuss your budget with everyone who will be contributing to your special day. Do you plan to use a wedding planner? If so, meet with several to find the people to assist with the wedding preparation you feel most comfortable with – you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with this person so you want to make sure you can ask ANYTHING that is important to you.

Choose the site for your ceremony.

If you’re getting married in your church, this task is easy. But if you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may wish to visit several locations to find the spot that’s perfect for you. Start working on your guest list to get a rough idea of how many people will be attending your reception. Do you plan to have your wedding reception indoors or outdoors? Start visiting wedding setting sites and reserve your date. And the best for last – start shopping for your evening dress and of course the wedding dress .6 to 9 months before your wedding day

4 to 6 months before your wedding day:

Order your wedding invitations.

Will you need transportation to the ceremony and reception sites? Now is the time to hire wedding day transportation. Something fun – shop for your wedding cake. This is a great thing to do with your maid/matron of honour! Have you decided where to honeymoon? Book plane and hotel reservations now. Will you have out of town guests? Ask one of your attendants to help you locate accommodations for the guests. Contacting the sales office of your favourite hotel could result in a discount if booking several rooms. Finalize your guest list to get a firm headcount.

Contact your hairstylist and makeup pro to reserve a time a few hours before you need to be ready for the ceremony. Decide where to hold your rehearsal dinner.2 to 4 months before your wedding day: 1 to 2 months before your wedding day: Schedule an appointment with your hair stylist and bring your headpiece. This is the perfect time to decide how to wear your hair. Mail out your wedding invitations. Plan the seating arrangements for your reception. Reconfirm the time and date with photographer, videographer, DJ, band, and every other professional that needs to be with you at a specific time and place. Squeeze in that final dress fitting for your wedding dress. The final week before your wedding day: Now was that so bad?

Top 7 Hot Evening Dresses for 2016

Types of dresses that can never fail are called evening or cocktail dresses. These dresses can be so varied that you might not be able to frame a particular category for them alone. To call them a dress for all occasions is also an understatement of their importance. The right dress is one which enhances your figure thus making you look beautiful. Choosing an evening gown should be done with a lot of care. Putting on appropriate evening dress brings out sophistication, poise and classiness in you. It puts the best impression of you at every place whether it’s prom, wedding ceremony, cocktail party, formal events etc. These seven simple guidelines will help to obtain dream evening dress and also make you feel alluringly lovely.

1. The Mini Dress
A shorter length evening dresses is one of the most prominent dresses trending this year. A more informal version of the classic, long evening gown, the mini dress, is a fun alternative that will turn heads without sacrificing an ounce of class. These can double up as cocktail dresses too.

2. Retro-chic Garments
From A-line silhouettes to Victorian-inspired vintage dresses, this season we have been hit with more than one blast from the past. Flapper dresses and fringe embellishments are representative of the roaring 20′s, while bubble hems and rocker-chic elements bring back popular themes of the 80′s.

3. The Deep V-Neck Dress
A sexier version of the classic V-neck style, the deep V-neck is one of the hottest trends in the fashion world today. Giving the illusion of an elongated torso and enhancing the features of a feminine silhouette, this trend is by far one of the sexiest of the year.

4. The Heart-shaped Neckline Gown
The heart-shaped neckline offers a twist to the traditional strapless dress. This feature adds a feminine touch and a sexier appeal to the timeless classic.

5. The Mermaid Dress
For the most curve-enhancing gown, opt for a mermaid style. This silhouette can range from a strapless to a halter neckline but always fits snugly throughout the waist and hips, and then flares out from the knees to the bottom hem.

6. A Neutral Palette
Neutral colours are making a big comeback this year with a huge emphasis on hues ranger from soft beige, mauve, pewter, warm grey, and countless other shades. Sultry and sexy neutral coloured dresses accessorized with bold jewellery and a statement clutch is one of the most desired looks of the season.

7. The Red Carpet Look
Another huge trend this year is sporting a Hollywood-inspired design to your big day, whether it’s your senior prom or a weekend cocktail event. Celebrity red carpet looks have served as inspiration for a variety of dresses that you now have access to for a fraction of the cost!

8 Questions That Wedding Planners Ask Their Brides

When the bride and groom are planning their own wedding, it is important to remember that every meeting with the wedding planner counts. Surely you and your planner have other things to attend to so make every minute worth it by arming yourself with the right information in every meeting.

A wedding planner might ask fewer or a lot more questions during your initial meeting but the most common (and imperative) ones are listed below.

When is the wedding? Your planner is definitely organizing other weddings aside from yours. So the first thing she will most likely ask is your wedding date so she can map you on her calendar. If what you have is still tentative, tell her all the alternative dates that you are considering. Just be sure to come up with a final decision soon after.
Where do you plan to hold the wedding? She will also ask you if you have booked the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. If not, do you have a particular venue in mind? Or have you at least narrow down your choices? Your planner will ask you this to raise any concerns regarding logistics and transportation.

Have you drafted your guest list? Meaning, have you got an estimate number of guests you wish to invite? Of course she needs to know if she will have to hire extra hands to help her on the day of the wedding because the larger the crowd, the more assistance she needs to manage the flow of the event efficiently.

Do you have a particular mood or theme? Have you thought about the total ambiance that you want to go for in the wedding? Do you want a whimsical event, a country-rustic style, 60’s mod, or fairy-tale inspired? It is essential for your planner to know this on the early stage of wedding planning so she can guide your decisions to be consistent with the selected theme.  You should also tell her if you want to keep your dress and your bridesmaid dress simple.

How much is the wedding budget? The best person that you may confide your wedding budget (aside from each other) is your planner. Since she has been in the business for quite some time she already know several vendors and familiar with their rates. Your wedding planner will know if your wedding budget is enough to book this and that vendor, and may even give you better options if it’s not. She can also remind you if you are about to go over your wedding fund.

What is your religion and will there be any cultural rite for the ceremony? You should also inform your planner of your religion and important customs that you should be complying on your wedding day. If she is not familiar with it, knowing early will make her research a brief background about it and be prepared in performing the rite properly in order to avoid offending some of your relatives.

Can I have a list of the vendors that you already booked and/or planning to book? If you have touched base with some other wedding vendors, make sure your planner knows about this. Give her a list or directory of these vendors containing the contact information and indicate whether you have booked them already or not.

How do you want to get progress update? Lastly, she may want to know how to generally deal with you as you plan the wedding together. Are you the type who wants to know and be consulted with all the smallest details? Or are you very busy with your career that you just want to be on the deciding end? Make sure you get this information across so you can avoid future conflicts and work this wedding planning smoothly.