Five Steps to Buy the Perfect Dress for Your Wife

First of all, this is quite a tough job if you are a newly married couple and know almost nothing about your wife’s choice. If you guys are married almost for a couple of years, there’s a hope that you know her choice and it will be useful when buying something to surprise her or gift her. Another thing needs to be cleared—do not try to impress her by buying regular dresses or office dresses or something she needs to use everyday if you are trying to surprise her. The women become happy with regular things, but you won’t get that smile you are looking for or the ‘WOW’ expressions that you will get when you buy her a long evening gown. It makes her feel special and loved. Okay, here’s the deal. Do some homework on he choice if you haven’t already and follow our steps to reach your goal.

Know the exact measurement: If you have no idea about her size and measurement, do check her clothes and find out the right size. Please take a look at her clothes very carefully to understand and note the measurement. A little stealing would not be that bad, after all, it is for a good cause. You would never want to ruin all your effort just because you forgot to buy the right size.

Concentrate on her taste: Just a little concentration to your wife’s taste can be of great help in this matter. Try to know what kind of dresses she likes to wear. Is it something polite or she loves to express herself? What types of materials are in her comfort list? Silk or linen? Does she love to wear tops or mostly long gowns? These are needed to be noted very carefully.

Find her favorite shopping place: If this is your first time, play safe by buying dresses from her regular and favorite shopping place. If she buys things often from online, check Stylewe to find a beautiful evening gown. You must have heard for a thousand times about her likings and it is high time you should pay attention to them.

Know her dislikes more than her likes: Yes, you have heard it right. There is always something that she will never ever wear. Like some colors she dislikes or types of dresses her personality doesn’t go with. Avoid them in the first place no matter how much you like them.

Give her a complementary gift: You can buy a necklace or bracelet for her to complete your surprise gift. A handbag is also a great idea.

Last but certainly not the least- make sure you have a return option for every shopping you do for her. Do not be upset if she returns your gift as you get a better chance to surprise her by noticing what she is replacing with. All you want is to make her smile. Only that matters for her, trust me.

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