What to Wear to a Cocktail Party!

A cocktail party is a socializing event where the invitees bond over cocktails, music and dance. Unlike an evening dinner or a formal get together, here, the mood is light and more casual.


So, Cocktail parties give you the option of wearing something interesting as there are no strict dress codes as in a formal evening do.  However, while deciding your ensemble, do keep in mind the following – the season (summer/winter/monsoon), whether the party is going to be held indoors or outdoors, the occasion, your host and kind of people you are most likely to meet there. You wouldn’t want to end up shivering or sweating the whole time by choosing wrong attire.

Avoid cocktail dress that are full length gowns which make you look like you are about to walk the red carpet. Choose dresses that are knee to calf length. A lovely short dress that is teamed up with high heels and glamorous accessories and jewellery is a suitable choice for cocktail attire etiquette. If you are at a loss of ideas when confronted with the question, how to dress for a cocktail party, look no further than the classic Little Black Dress in a style and fabric that suits you and the occasion. However, if you want to experiment, then choose anything between a wrap/sheath dress and an asymmetric one shoulder dress. Carry a nice wrap or a pashmina in case you are wearing strappy or strapless dresses.

If you are somebody who is only comfortable with Indian wear, then there is no reason to worry. Sarees are the perfect cocktail attire, particularly for the ones thrown during festive occasions or weddings. These days a wide variety of cocktail sarees are available in the market. Chiffons, net, lace all embellished with sequins or Swarovski elements and paired with stylish blouses. A word of caution here, avoid heavily done up sarees for a non-wedding or non-ceremonial party. Pick up something that has subtle embroidery with less bling for the regular parties. You can always dress them up, if you want to.

Colours such as grey, crimson, black, red and dark blue are great for evening, fall and winter events. During the summer and spring, consider florals and seasonal shades like light pink, sky blue, pale green, pale yellow and other pastels.

Wearing the right amount jewellery is very important. Overdoing jewellery or makeup can spoil your entire look. Wear a fabulous pair of drop earrings or chandeliers, a stone studded cuff or a statement ring. Whatever it is, show off one piece at a time. Sporting too many accessories can take away focus from your face and your garment.

For a cocktail party, you need to carry a great bag. A metallic or beaded clutch (with a unique shape or fabric) is the perfect complement to the rest of your outfit. Now you just need a pair of fabulous shoes. For a summer cocktail party, select high heel sandals in bold bright colours or shiny metallic. For cold weather months, you can select patent or suede peep-toe pumps to go with your cocktail dress.

So Dress up! Grab some drinks! Go out and have fun.


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